Need Professional Mobile Car Cleaning?

Do you want your car to be squeaky clean this summer? Then our professional mobile car cleaning will do the trick. Based in North London, iValetUK can visit your home or office anywhere in the county. Whether you’re showing your vehicle, or planning to sell it, iValetUK will ensure your vehicle looks absolutely immaculate. Keep reading to learn more about professional mobile car cleaning in North London.

What does our professional car cleaning include?

A regular maintenance valet from iValetUK for a small vehicle costs only £25, and includes soft hand washing of the exterior; pressure washing of bodywork; cleaning windows and mirrors- outside and inside; interior vacuuming; removing litter, and re-dying and freshening carpets. For a medium vehicle it is only £30, and for a 4×4 you’ll find the price is still just £40.

Mobile valeting to meet your specific needs

Since every car is different, we work hard to meet your individual requirements. We offer several different packages according to your needs. Along with the Regular Maintenance Valet, we have the Express Service Valet and Full Works Valet.

You can also choose a number of package bolt-ons. These include pet hair removal, cleaning of spillages, engine bay cleaning, and much more.

With iValetUK, you’ll also save money on travel costs, since our mobile car cleaning means you don’t have to collect your vehicle.

To book our mobile car cleaning in West London or alternatively, mobile car valeting in East London then call 07809 432254.