Swirl Marks – Car Valeting in North London

No, this is not a new funky ice cream name or a new trending dance move. Swirl marks are probably sitting on top of your car right now. Want to check? iValet provides car valeting in North London, East London and West London.

So what is a swirl mark?

A swirl mark is essentially a microscopic scratch. Superfine scratches which are on the surface of the paintwork on the car. In the auto industry, it is formally known as micro marring, which is caused by every time you wash or dry your car. Improper technique and products to condition the vehicle will cause these microscopic scratches, i.e. swirl marks.

Swirl marks are noticeable on different cars more than others. Bright coloured cars don’t show swirl marks as much as dark or black cars do, but that is only because of the reflection of the sun. To get rid of swirl marks is best to use a buffer, as this saves time and an achy elbow if you did it by hand.

Here is a list of how you can easily get swirl marks:

– Polishers or Buffers having the incorrect pad

– An untrained operator on the machine (Lack of Knowledge/ Expertise)

– Wiping down a dusty or dirty car with a towel

– Using wrong products such as; Harsh polishers and cleaners, Towels using polyester threads, dual action polisher is not the same as a high-speed buffer.

– Using a car cover when either the car or cover is dirty

– Automated car washes

Valeting Services

The difference between doing it yourself, using a bad technician or a specialist who knows what they are doing does matter. There can be buffer trails or marks left if yourself or the technician does not have the expertise to use a buffer. It’s important to check other customer reviews, online reviews and ask questions if you are getting your car buffered.

The benefit of using a car valeting service is that we assess the car when on the job on the site. We have all the appropriate tools needed to perform the technical tasks, as well as having years of experience to execute to a high-quality standard. Not all cars will have to undergo an extensive buffer session to get rid of swirl marks, scuffs or marks. However, using an expert valeting service all of our team and staff have been trained to a perform all obstacles they may occur.