iValet only use the most efficient professional grade cleaning products from GTechniq for the car valeting service in North London. Gtechniq offers exceptional cleaning power against the toughest of cleaning challenges while possessing smart nanotechnology that protects and cares for your precious vehicle. Inferior products can damage the paintwork of your car, but GTechniq products have been specially designed to provide optimum results and unsurpassed protection. This has been achieved through years of extensive research and rigorous testing. You can be sure that when your valet uses GTechniq products, they are using quality.


The GTechniq product range was formulated by a quantum physicist, who wanted to translate the unique power of nanotechnology into car care products. The ultimate benefit of nanotechnology lies in its ability to form an impenetrable layer of protection and durability. Impervious to extremes of pH, for example from acid rain or high levels of salt from road gritting, the protective layer GTechniq forms on your paintwork will keep it looking ‘as new’ for much longer. The high-performance coatings also offer scratch resistance, oil and water repellency and overall protection against environmental pollutants.

Crystal Serum

GTechniq offers that sought-after glossy look that is coveted by all those who take pride in their vehicles. Car care enthusiasts, in particular, find the range of protective coatings on offer by GTechniq to be exceptionally effective in providing long-term protection, especially Crystal Serum Light, which is a user-friendly nano-ceramic sealant.


The ultimate in protection, however, has to be GTechniq’s tried and tested offering, Crystal Serum. This tough professional grade product, which can only be applied by an approved detailer, offers a guaranteed performance of 7 years protection. All of GTechniq’s protective coatings utilise hydrophobic technology to allow the dirt, oil and contaminants to slide off simply.

The Best Car Cleaning Equipment

The GTechniq product range not only helps you to achieve the cosmetic look you want for your car but also helps protect it from risk factors that could negatively impact the value of your car in the long term. Not forgetting, of course, that a clean car is a safer car! For a professional car valet in North London, contact iValet today.